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Henan Cheng'an Medical Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces disposable medical bandages, breathable bandages, medical triangular bandages, medical gauze bandages, disposable medical cotton pads, medical absorbent gauze pads, medical absorbent gauze blocks, medical cotton swabs, medical cotton balls, disposable surgical gowns, medical protective masks, medical surgical masks, disposable sterile medical masks, disposable medical caps, disposable sterile urethral catheterization kits Disposable sterile production package, disposable sterile drug change package, disposable angiographic operation package, disposable sterile operation package, disposable central venous catheter protection package, disposable sterile sputum suction package, disposable dialysis care package, disposable gas tube intubation package, disposable blood collection and infusion auxiliary package, medical protective mask, disposable medical shoe cover, disposable medical bedspread, medical bottle mouth sticker Medical bedding and clothing bags, medical inspection gloves and other products


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