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Medical cap
Medical cap
  • Medical cap

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Detailed introduction

Instruction for medical cap

Product name】 Medical Cap

Model and specification】Type I: dome cap, Type II: strip cap, Type III: doctor cap

Composition】The medical cap is made of non-woven fabric by processing.

Main performance】

1 The specifications and dimensions of medical caps shall meet the requirements of 1.2.

2 The appearance of the medical cap should be clean, free of impurities, no holes, uniform color, and the heat sealing part should be able to withstand 15N static tension.

3 The specification of nonwovens used for medical hats shall not be less than20g/m2。         

4 The breaking strength of nonwovens used for medical caps shall conform to the longitudinal breaking strength≥17N,The transverse breaking strength shall≥3.4N。

5 The breaking elongation of nonwovens used for medical caps shall not be less than10%。

6Rubber band for dome type medical cap

6.1Elongation ratio of rubber band shall be less than or equal to1:1.3。

6.2 Tensile elastic recovery rate of rubber band shall not be less than75%And not greater than 95%。

7 Surface moisture resistance

The water level of medical cap shall not be lower than the requirement of level 2.

Scope of application】It is used for general isolation of outpatient, ward and laboratory in medical institutions.

contraindication】Not found temporarily

Usage method】Open the small package and use it according to routine medical procedures.

Precautions and warning instructions】

1Check the integrity of the package. The package is damaged. Do not use it.

2.This product is for one-time use only and will be destroyed after use.

3.This product is non sterile, and its validity period is 3 years.

4.For model/specification, production batch number, production date and expiration date, please refer to the product packaging bag or the certificate in the bag。

Description of package identification】

                       图片1.png                                    图片2.png

Read the instruction manual before use     Single-use           

Storage conditions】The product should be stored in a clean and well ventilated room with a humidity of no more than 80% and no corrosive gas.

Production date and expiration date】See the label inside the package or the sealing of the packaging bag                       

Name of filer, name of manufacturer, after-sales service unitHenan Cheng'an Medical Technology Co., Ltd                      

Domicile of the registrant, production address and production enterpriseNo. 6, Huigui chuangye Park, Dingluan Town, Changyuan County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province

Enterprise contact telephone/fax】0373-8912888    8913999                  

Post code】453400                                       E-mail】chenganyiliao@126.com

Preparation date】2020年228



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