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Disposable atomizer
Disposable atomizer
  • Disposable atomizer

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Detailed introduction


[Product name] Disposable medical nebulizer

[Registration Certificate/Filing] YCXB 20210480

[Product structure, performance and composition] It is composed of an atomizing cup, a straw, an atomizing cap, an oxygen tube, an adult (children) mask or a T-shaped tube with a mouthpiece.

The scope of application of the product is for one-time use when medical units cooperate with drugs to treat patients with respiratory diseases by inhalation atomization.

[Main ingredients] The mouthpiece atomizer consists of mouthpiece, catheter, atomizing core and medicine cup. The mask atomizer is composed of elastic band, aluminum card, mask, catheter, atomizing core and medicine cup. The mask and mouthpiece should have no cytotoxicity, skin irritation, skin sensitization, and mouthpiece should have no mucous membrane irritation.

When the atomizer leaves the factory, its ethylene oxide residue shall not be more than 10mg/kg.

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