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Breathable tape
Breathable tape
  • Breathable tape

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Detailed introduction


What are the common breathable tapes?

According to the different materials, we can divide the breathable tape into non-woven tape, PE microporous tape, silk tape and zinc oxide tape (adhesive plaster).

Non woven breathable tape

Firmly pasted, with good initial adhesion and heavy adhesion;

No edge warping, no peeling, gentle and smooth peeling, no tearing pain;

The bottom paper is cut linearly for easy stripping;

High tensile strength, not easy to break

PE microporous breathable tape

Microporous breathability, excellent adhesion

It has matt, ultra-thin, high elasticity and is not easy to warp edges

Easy to tear, no cutting, no twisting

Silk breathable tape

Silk material, soft and comfortable, good adhesion with skin;

Sawtooth edge design, easy to tear off, convenient and applicable;

Good air permeability.

Zinc oxide (rubber paste) breathable tape

It has astringent, moisturizing and protective effects on skin

Very sticky, easy to tear and stick, and no glue residue

Strong air permeability and low sensitization

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