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surgical mask
surgical mask
  • surgical mask

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Detailed introduction

surgical mask

The medical surgical mask is used for wearing on the mouth and nose of the medical staff in the operating room to prevent the spread of dander and respiratory tract microorganisms to the open surgical wound and prevent the body fluid of the surgical patient from flowing to the medical staff

brief introduction

Medical surgical masks are used for disposable masks worn by clinical medical personnel during invasive operations, which can cover the user's mouth, nose, etc. and provide physical barriers to prevent the direct penetration of pathogenic microorganisms, body fluids, particles, etc.

Structure and composition of medical surgical mask

It is usually made of masks, shaped pieces, straps and other components, and is generally made of nonwoven materials. It is isolated by filtration.

Material of medical surgical mask

The medical surgical mask mainly uses polypropylene as the main raw material. These superfine fibers with unique capillary structure increase the number and surface area of fibers per unit area, so that the melt blown cloth has good filtering and shielding properties.

Main technical indicators of medical surgical masks

Medical surgical masks shall comply with the Chinese medical industry standard YY 0469-2011 Technical Requirements for Medical Surgical Masks. The main technical indicators are as follows:

(1) Filtering efficiency: under the condition of air flow (30 ± 2) L/min, the aerodynamic median diameter (0.24 ± 0.06) μ M The filtration efficiency of sodium chloride aerosol shall not be less than 30%;

(2) Bacterial filtration efficiency: under specified conditions, the filtration efficiency of staphylococcus aureus ATCC6538 is not less than 95%;

(3) Pressure difference: under specified conditions, the pressure difference between the two sides of the mask for gas exchange shall not be greater than 49Pa;

(4) Synthetic blood penetration: after 2ml synthetic blood is sprayed to the outer side of the mask at a pressure of 16.0kPa (120mmHg), the inner side of the mask shall not be penetrated.


Prevention type and application of medical surgical masks

It is worn on the mouth and nose of medical staff in the operating room to prevent the spread of dandruff and respiratory tract microorganisms to open surgical wounds, and prevent the spread of body fluids of surgical patients to medical staff, playing a role of two-way biological protection.

How to wear masks correctly

Wearing masks correctly is an effective means to block the transmission of respiratory secretions, and selecting surgical masks can well prevent the transmission of respiratory infectious diseases. The wearing method is as follows:

(1) Clean your hands before wearing the mask, and avoid touching the inner side of the mask during wearing the mask to reduce the possibility of the mask being polluted;

(2) When wearing the mask, distinguish the inside and outside of the mask, up and down. The light color face is inside, and the dark color face is outside. One end of the metal strip (nose clip) is above the mask, and fully unfold the folded face;

(3) Put the side with the nose clip upward, cover the mouth, nose and jaw, adjust the lower end of the mask to the appropriate position of the jaw, hang the rubber bands on both sides of the ear or tie the bandages on both ends behind the head, and then press the nose clip tightly to make the mask fully fit the face.

matters needing attention

(1) When purchasing and using medical surgical masks, they should be purchased in regular hospitals and pharmacies. At the same time, attention should be paid to the production batch number, production date and service life of the product's outer packaging. Production license, product registration number and other information, as well as detailed product instructions;

(2) Before use, please check whether the packaging is in good condition, confirm the external packaging mark, production date and validity period, and use within the sterilization validity period;

(3) Ensure that the mask covers the bridge of the nose to the lower jaw after being unfolded to obtain the expected protective effect;

(4) Disposable medical surgical masks shall not be reused;

(5) The medical surgical mask shall not be used if the package is damaged before use;

(6) Use with caution if you are allergic to nonwovens;

(7) After use, medical surgical masks shall be disposed according to the requirements of the hospital and environmental protection department.

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