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Application and demand analysis of medical absorbent gauze

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Medical absorbent gauze and medical absorbent cotton are the main sanitary materials used in the medical industry for wound dressing, protection and cleaning. Because there are many kinds and different uses of gauze, the medical gauze here is actually medical absorbent gauze.

Medical absorbent cotton is processed from cotton, which is one of the leading products in the sanitary material industry. It is mainly used to make medical cotton swabs, cotton balls, sanitary cotton sticks, and thread-added degreased cotton is mainly used in the beauty and hairdressing industry. This product has a large demand in major hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, sanitary materials factories and pharmacies at home and abroad. The product is located in disposable sanitary materials, which consumes a lot. The demand of absorbent cotton in China is about 80,000 tons, and the export of absorbent cotton is about 50,000 tons. There is a large demand for medical gauze. There are many enterprises making medical gauze in China at present.

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