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What is the composition and use of disposable medical mask?

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Speaking of disposable medical masks, we should not be unfamiliar。Medical face masks are widely used in hospitals, health centers and other places0. So how do disposable medical face masks prevent bacteria from entering human body? Do you know the structure and materials of disposable medical face masks?

Material for disposable medical face masks:Medical face masks are mainly made of filter cloth, which is mainly used to absorb bacteria and viruses while blocking pathogens. At the same time, N95 filter material is used to make a close filter layer, which can not only make fine particles in the air, but also effectively block droplets, blood, liquids and secretions.

The mask belt is two long belts that pass through the holes on both sides of the mask. The nose is clamped in the center of the upper part of the filter layer and placed between the dense layer and the filter layer. The material is a metal or metal-plastic composite, which has both plasticity and certain strength. It is easy to seal the nose when wearing.

Use of disposable medical face masks:Disposable medical masks are mainly used to protect medical staff and patients from infections, so it is most important to produce them in accordance with national standards, and to ensure that the bacterial rate reaches more than 95%.

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