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Why are surgical gowns green and blue instead of white?

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Bring up a doctor, most people think of angels in white.But as soon as people entered the operating room, we found that doctors were wearing green surgical gowns.To know why to choose green, first you need to know what color phase loop is.In fact, simply speaking, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple hand in hand around a circle of color gradually transitional and then it becomes a hue ring.Human viscera and blood are red, and the complementary color is just green.In addition to the hue loop, there's another thing called afterimage.Afterimage is a visual physiological phenomenon, which means that after the visual stimulus stops, the image you see will not disappear immediately, but gradually weaken.Doctor's operation is a race for time after all,and they need the high concentration.Staring at the red viscera of the human body for a long time, the green surgical clothes can help doctors refresh their impression of red, thus improving their sensitivity to red and helping the operation go smoothly.So this is the reason why doctors choose green to be the color of the surgical gown.

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