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How to wear protective clothing correctly?

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Medical disposable protective clothing is used frequently in daily life and hospitals, especially during the epidemic. Protective clothing can effectively protect the human body from direct contact with some viruses. Do we know the correct way to wear disposable medical protective clothing? Next, let me introduce the wearing and taking off methods of protective clothing.

  1. Unfold the protective clothing, stretch the neck, chest, and legs of the protective clothing into the pants successively, put on the jacket, fasten the belt, and check the tightness of the protective mask at the first time after wearing the protective mask.

   2. After confirmation, fasten the chest, tighten the belt, wear protective gloves, put down the outer sleeve and tighten it. Finally, in order to improve the airtightness of the whole protective clothing, tape can be added at the openings such as the placket, cuffs, trouser cuffs, masks and protective hooded interfaces.

   3. In order to increase hand protection, you can choose to wear two layers of gloves. In the whole process, try to prevent the inner layer of the protective clothing from contacting the external environment, so as to prevent the protective clothing from being polluted at the beginning. The principle of taking off the protective clothing is to take off the protective clothing safely, so as not to pollute the human body and the environment. Here, it should be specially noted that necessary cleaning and decontamination must be carried out before taking off the protective clothing. The cleaning and decontamination of the protective clothing is mainly to ensure that medical personnel can take off the protective clothing safely at the same time, Do not be injured by toxic and harmful substances on the surface of the protective clothing or cause pollution to the environment. 

   4. After elimination, take off the protective clothing also needs to follow certain procedures, untie the ties from top to bottom, take off the head shield, open the chest to the shoulder, retract both hands into the cuffs and grasp the inner sleeves when taking off the sleeves, put both hands behind you and take off the gloves and jacket, insert both hands into the waist of the pants and turn outward, take off the pants, remove the air respirator, and take off the protective mask.


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