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Medical surgical masks are so different from ordinary medical masks

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Medical surgical masks are so different from ordinary medical masks

Most of the time, medical staff in hospitals wear masks, but I don't know whether you have found them. In regular large hospitals, medical staff in different departments use different masks, which are roughly divided into medical surgical masks and general medical masks.

The medical protective masks in the masks are easy to distinguish because they are mostly bowl shaped structures and folding structures. The surgical mask and the general medical mask are similar in appearance, both of which are made of non-woven fabric, and need to be identified. By careful comparison, the thickness and quality of the intermediate filter layer of different types of masks are also obviously different.


1. Different external packaging: In addition to the different types of external packaging, medical surgical masks and ordinary medical masks will be marked with different types. The main identification method is that the executive standards of the registered products in the upper right corner of the external packaging are different. The surgical masks are YY-0469-2011, while the ordinary medical masks are printed with various factory marks of YZB/.

2. Different product descriptions: the functions and uses of masks made of different materials are different, and the outer packaging may be vague, but the product descriptions generally indicate the environment and conditions applicable to masks.

3. Different prices: medical surgical masks are generally priced at 1.2-4 yuan/piece, while ordinary medical masks are priced at 0.12-0.20 yuan/piece.

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