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Chengan Medical introduces the product features of disposable atomizer

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Chengan Medical introduces the product features of disposable atomizer

● Inhaled drugs can directly reach the respiratory tract and lungs of the affected area, so they have a faster and more effective effect than oral drugs.

● Because the drug directly enters the respiratory tract, its dosage is only one tenth of that of other administration methods, which significantly reduces the effect of the drug, which is particularly important for children and the elderly.

● Humidify the airway and dilute sputum, which can be widely used for * * respiratory diseases.


● For some self healing diseases mainly caused by virus infection (such as cold), aerosol inhalation treatment can significantly reduce symptoms and shorten the course of disease.

● The drug has direct effect, has significant and rapid effect on relieving bronchial asthma, and is superior to other treatments; It can even save the patient's life in a critical moment

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