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Differences between medical surgical masks and medical nursing masks

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Differences between medical surgical masks and medical nursing masks

The spring year is very busy every year, but this year's spring year is different because of the arrival of the "new coronavirus". Moreover, this new type of pneumonia is more infectious than SARS in 2003. Therefore, during the Spring Festival, all outdoor activities have been basically canceled, but it is inevitable that people will need to go out and buy some daily necessities. At this time, they need to wear masks, but there are so many types of masks. What is the difference between medical surgical masks and medical nursing masks? Let me tell you!

Medical surgical mask:

Medical surgical masks are masks worn by medical staff when they work. They are mainly used in medical clinics, laboratories, operating rooms and other highly demanding medical environments. They have a high safety factor and are more resistant to bacteria and viruses.

The main reason is that the main route of transmission of this virus infection event is droplet transmission, so it is necessary to wear a mask with a high safety factor. The medical surgical mask can effectively prevent most of the virus infections.


Medical care mask:

This level of mask is not required to have a blocking effect on blood, nor does it have a sealing requirement, so it is only used in ordinary medical environments. Common medical masks are mostly ear mounted.

Generally, there is no requirement for the filtration efficiency of particles and bacteria, or the filtration efficiency of particles and bacteria is lower than that of medical surgical masks and medical protective masks.

The protective effect of ordinary medical masks on pathogenic microorganisms is not accurate, and they can be used for one-time health care in ordinary environments, or for the barrier or protection of particles other than pathogenic microorganisms, such as flower powder.

Therefore, during the epidemic, it is necessary to wear a "medical surgical mask". In addition, if you want to go out or go to crowded places, it is better to wear an N95 protective mask.

So what is the N95 respirator?

The N95 respirator is also a "medical protective mask" with good fit to the wearer's face. It can filter particles in the air and block pollutants such as droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. The filtering efficiency of non oily particles can reach more than 95% (in this sentence, it means it can reach the N95 level). It is a commonly used personal protective equipment against airborne diseases.

Tips on masks during the epidemic:

1. If the medical surgical mask is normally used, it needs to be replaced every 3-4 hours. Do not wear it for a long time;

2. If the mask is contaminated when wearing a medical surgical mask, it needs to be changed immediately. For example, if you sneeze, the mask is full of saliva, or it is directly given by sewage. Such similar pollution needs to be replaced immediately;

3. When wearing a medical surgical mask, if you feel dyspnea, you also need to replace it in time. At this time, the mask has reached its end of life, and there are many particles in the mask.

4. If conditions permit, wear a surgical mask outside N95 to reduce the contact between N95 and external dirt;

5. The N95 respirator can be reused in places where there is no contact with infected patients or where people are concentrated in epidemic areas, but it also needs to be replaced frequently.

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