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Cheng'an Medical

  Henan Cheng'an Medical Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces disposable sterile bags, medical breathable tapes, breathable tapes, atomizers, disposable atomizers, disposable atomizers, disposable medical protective clothing, disposable sterile surgical gloves, disposable medical rubber inspection gloves, disposable film inspection gloves, medical triangular bandages, medical gauze bandages, disposable medical cotton pads, medical degreasing gauze pads Medical absorbent gauze blocks, medical cotton swabs, medical cotton balls, disposable surgical gowns, medical protective masks, medical surgical masks, disposable sterile medical masks, disposable medical caps, disposable medical pads, disposable hole towels, disposable lunch slips, disposable treatment towels, disposable sterile urethral catheterization kits.

Technological Innovation

R&D cooperation

Through independent innovation and the industry university research platform, Cheng'an Medical has conquered a number of key technologies. Through integration and optimization of technologies, it has built products that lead domestic peers and even overseas competitors, and successfully led the innovation and development of the entire medical device industry.

Supplier cooperation

Cheng'an Medical has established cooperation with consumables manufacturers in many countries and regions. Under the pattern of regional cooperation and project support, it allocates resources efficiently and arranges high-end manufacturing. It also relies on lean manufacturing management system to meet the needs of international development.

Quality is more important than service

                                           Quality control                                                                        Tailored                                                                        Worry free after-sales

        The production shall be carried out in strict accordance                 Deeply understand each customer's needs,                     Cheng'an service outlets are all over the world, 

       with the technical standards, and seven process stop                     provide customers with a full set of suitable                     providing customers with all-round high-quality

        monitoring points shall be set up. If any one is unqualified,           scheme design, and commit to the operational                services such as project technical consultation, 

       the next process cannot be carried out.                                           benefits of medical consumables.                                      business negotiation and installation guidance.


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